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2018.3.5 Tue. - 10 Sun.

Yoshihiro MIYATA & NENOHATA exhibition "The outline of wavering stuff"  

NENOHATA is artist who make paintings that reconstructed human expression and emotions on my own.
At first glance it seems like an abstract picture, but when it confronts picture a while,  works  appear  human figures little by little. smiling or angry, or crying? How reason does it looks like? What is the identity of the ambiguous emotions of the human being drawn is left to the people who appreciate it.

Yoshihiro Miyata is painter who continues to produce paintings for the purpose that making the scenery and experiences themselves seen by themselves.
Drawing the scenery is not just copying the location of the thing accurately but an act of repeatting recognize themself that sensed event or time, and the thing that is drawn always makes the viewer bring back  to the "present". While making full use of the fluidity and material properties of paints,  artist draws scapes by unique viewpoint. and shows works as undecided "places" that can not be caught in a fixed image.

Both humans and scenery can be said to changing their appearance to various forms on the time they met. We seek the fluctuation, shine, colors of the outline that is wavering stuff.

Please have a look.


Yoshihiro Miyata & NENOHATA exhibition

"The outline of wavering stuff"

Dates: March 5 (Tue) - March 10 (Sun) in 2019
Opening hours: 11: 00-20: 00 (the last day is 18:00)
Venue: Art Complex Center of Tokyo 2F ACT 5
12-9 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
tel / fax 03-3341-3253


March 9th (Sat) 18: 00 ~
We will hold artist talk and reception party.
Please join us.


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