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絵画制作における行為性とは、[ 見る‐見られる] 関係として、または[ 描く‐描かれる] 関係として成立するものであり、自己と絵画との回路的な身体性の全体を言うものである。






This is plane expression for about the existence and memory, and painting as "unseen landscape".

Based on the everyday experience of "encounter with the scenery", I re-interpret the relationship between the body and the material and create a painting as an "unseen landscape" that fluctuates in the area of iconography and materiality.

I often use bleeding and poling techniques because of beauty of the phenomenon, and physicality, and action of making painting.

The act in painting production is established as a [see-saw] relationship or a [draw-drew] relationship, and refers to the overall circuit physicality of self and the painting.

In the process of transformation from what can be seen as an image to what can be seen visually, consciousness shifts to the materiality of painting.

The painted picture is stylized on the wall so that it is not a "pointing outside the picture" but as "painting material".

Picture is as "relationship that returns sensations and movements, acts" created between with the viewer, or as a neutral "place" that leads to some answer.

I think about today's existence and memory (time), the relationship between the individual and the whole, love, freedom, life and death.

I am trying to create an sure experience of encountering something that is not see yet.

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